Spiritual Deceptions

The subjects listed are the usual ones requested. These are blended together to make a whole seminar with the range of topics which best suit the local need.

To hold this seminar in your church or community:

Individual subjects requires between one and two hours each. Most often it is held on a Saturday, with three or four sessions, allowing breaks between them. Some churches find this easier on three or four weeknights.

Contact the Branch of Jubilee Resources nearest you, or the International office for suitable dates, and to arrange speaker/s. We usually use Powerpoint, and have our own equipment.

Freemasonry – Fifth-Column in the church & family

This part of the seminar shows the deadening effects of Masonic on health, spiritual maturity and evangelism, for individuals, families & churches. Effective ministry guidelines are recommended and used, including by many world ministry leaders. (This is our most requested topic – due to balanced presentation of the facts.)

New Age & the Occult

Includes answers to ‘Can you become a god?’, reincarnation, divination/astrology, sorting the true Jesus from the false, with a major section on the Alternative Health Therapies, with the occult basis to many of them.

Overview of Cults

This includes how they develop, how to get out of one and why. Major sections on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, Mormons/Latter-day Saints etc., with their false doctrines & practices compared with the Bible.

Many groups claim to be “Christian” but they fail Biblical standards of doctrine and practice. Claiming the title isn’t enough.

Dr. Charles Farah wrote, “Whenever that Church or a segment of the Church takes a particular teaching or truth of the Bible, and detaches it from its relation to the total truth, pushing it to its logical extreme, it inevitably results in heresy. Heresy is not latent paganism. Heresy is truth distorted, exaggerated to an intolerable extreme. It is truth out of focus, out of balance with the whole.” (From the Pinnacle of the Temple – Faith or Presumption, p41.)

Alternative Health Therapies

Solid research shows many of these therapies have an occultic basis, which brings other problems. Biblical Healing, including addressing why some people aren’t healed, are outlined and demonstrated. (This is our second-most requested topic.)

Overview of Religions

This examines other world religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Baha’i, Wicca, Satanism, etc. Subjects covered include their origins, what they teach and believe, how they differ from Christianity, methods of reaching them for Jesus Christ.