Anathemas of Trent


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Some spiritual topics, regardless of how vexing they may become, must still be investigated and Biblical understanding reached. There are many in the Protestant community who claim boldly that the Roman Catholic Church is every bit of a cult, just like the Mormons and the Watchtower. On the other hand, the Church of Rome has its defenders who also have valid points to make.

We at Jubilee Resources have been challenged to include this subject since we also look at Masonic and other curses, and that we should be even-handed and fair to all. I believe it may be helpful to check out the following chart, used by permission of the publishers of the Christian Research Journal. This was published in Spring 1993 along with a series of five articles on the Church of Rome, under the series title, “What Think Ye of Rome?” The standard by which others were measured was the Evangelical Bible perspective, and the Roman Catholic Church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and the United Pentecostal Church were compared with that standard.

A word about definitions: Affirm means “Declare to be True”; Deny means “Declare untrue”; Distort means “Negative Alteration”; & Compromise means “Unacceptable Concession.”

Doctrine                               RC                 JW                 LDS                 UPC
All theistic attributes of God   Affirm              Deny             Deny                Distort
Triune Nature of God             Affirm              Deny             Deny                Deny
Personality of the Holy Spirit  Affirm              Deny             Distort              Distort
Two natures of Christ             Affirm              Deny            Distort               Distort
Virgin Birth                              Affirm              Affirm           Distort               Affirm
Justified by Faith                    Comp.             Deny             Deny                Comp.
Christ’s Atonement Sufficient  Comp.             Deny             Deny                Distort
Christ’s Bodily Resurrection    Affirm              Deny             Affirm               Affirm
Eternal Conscious punishment Affirm             Deny             Distort              Affirm
Literal Return of Christ            Affirm              Distort           Distort              Affirm
Immortal Soul                          Affirm              Deny             Distort              Affirm
Inerrant Bible                           Affirm              Distort           Deny                Distort
Authority of Bible                     Comp.              Comp.          Comp.               Comp.
Continuity of the Church         Affirm               Deny            Deny                 Deny
Predestination                         Affirm               Deny            Deny                 Deny
Salvation Outside their church Comp.             Deny            Comp.               Comp.
Eternal Life in Heaven             Affirm             Distort          Distort                Affirm
Final Judgement                     Affirm             Distort          Distort                Affirm
(Source: Christian Research Journal, Spring 1993)

It needs to be stated very clearly that we personally know many Roman Catholics who are born-again and spirit-filled, and these people hold doctrinal views largely indistinguishable from the Scriptures and we must regard them as brothers and sisters in Christ. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is evident, including their life-style choices. Many of these brethren have been told by God to stay in their church and share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those around them. God is sovereign, and if He wishes to call and commission some people to do this for Him, who are we to deny God’s call? Those who have either left the Roman Catholic Church or who were never part of it need to be careful they don’t fall into self-righteousness when criticising Born-again Catholic Christians. All Roman Catholics have a right to hear the Gospel, as have all Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Atheists and Freemasons!

The article mentioned above by the CRI Journal asked the provocative question, “Is the Church of Rome a Cult?” The considered answer is both revealing, and we believe, correct: “We don’t believe the Church of Rome is a cult (using the usual definitions): we do believe it is an historic Christian denomination in desperate need of Biblical Correction.”

I remember being offered a large sum of money if I would continue my “Unmasking” series with “Unmasking Roman Catholicism.” I declined (despite needing the money at the time) because I am called to a positive ministry of Apologetics – including comparisons between religious/doctrinal beliefs and to explain the consequences of those choices. After all, when fully informed, every individual is answerable primarily to God – and not to some human authority. Had I accepted that generous offer, I would – to be consistent – have also had to “Unmask” the Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodists and other denominations that have compromised with Freemasonry, New Age pseudo-Christians and some whose increasingly liberal views including their de facto acceptance of “gay” ordination in total apostasy to the Bible? Where might one stop throwing bricks at other people? I personally don’t find that approach helpful for the Kingdom of God, and the fruit is only division where instead there needs to be acceptance of sound Bible teaching to bring correction. The primary purpose of Jubilee Resources is to provide tools for Christians who minister to those who are under spiritual bondages and curses, regardless of the source, so those people may be set free into Jesus Christ.

It would be helpful to understand something of the make-up of the Roman Catholic Church, as it is not one stream but many flowing together, as shown below. In their book, “Protestants and Catholics – Do they now agree?”, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon (Harvest House Publishing) provide one of the better explanations of the different streams within the Roman Catholic Church. I have summarised these so you can understand this. Not all Roman Catholics would agree with these labels, but they are appropriate, fair and reasonable.

1. Nominal or social Catholic – those who are largely uncommitted, probably born into or married into the Roman Catholic Church, but with little understanding of the theology of the Church. In practice they are Catholics in name only. The Church regards them as members because of their “baptism”.

2. Syncretistic or eclectic Catholics – those parts of the church which have combined or absorbed elements of pagan religions to varying degrees, especially in South America and Africa.

3. Traditional or Orthodox Catholics – the powerful conservative stream within the church which holds to papal authority, historic church doctrines such as those enacted at the Council of Trent. It can also include those who reject the abandonment of the Latin Mass, etc. and all other liberalism.

4. Moderate Catholics – those primarily post-Vatican Two, neither totally traditional nor entirely liberal.

5. Modernist liberal Catholics – the post-Vatican Two progressives that reject traditional doctrine to varying degrees.

6. Ethnic or cultural Catholics – often migrants to countries such as America, Australia, etc., who feel that not to be a Catholic is not to belong, hence to lose their nationality and cultural roots.

7. Lapsed or apostate Catholics – those backslidden, indifferent or alienated from the Church and its God.

8. Charismatic Catholics – primarily those who seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, along with speaking in tongues, healing, prophetic utterance and other spiritual gifts. This group has a much greater emphasis on Scripture than Church tradition.

9. Mystical Catholics – (some wrongly link this group with 8 above) those who are drawn to the mystical and not infrequently the occult writings and experiences of Catholic mystics in the past.

10. “Evangelical” Catholics – usually former Protestant Evangelicals who often retain many of their former beliefs but who now accept the Church of Rome as the ‘One True Church’, and its doctrines authoritative.

11 Evangelical “Catholics” – those Roman Catholics who have rejected all unbiblical teachings from Rome, but remaining within the Church to evangelise other Roman Catholics and to help bring reform to their Church.

With this in mind there are several issues that affect many present and former Roman Catholics, and we would be failing in love and duty if we neglected to spell these out for the stated purpose of the spiritual and emotional freedom of all concerned.


Anathemas of the Council of Trent

It is recognised there are many in the Roman Catholic Church who hold views or have different practices from those promulgated by their Church authorities. One of the primary sources of difficulty are the Anathemas of the Council of Trent. Briefly the Council of Trent was an ecumenical council of the Church of Rome, held in the city of Trent in northern Italy between 1545 and 1563. It was the official Roman Catholic Church response to the challenge of the Protestant Reformation begun by Dr. Martin Luther. Pope Pius IV formally confirmed all the decrees of this council in 1564.

The Greek word “Anathema” means a curse – the disfavour or judgement of God. A Scriptural example would be Galatians 1:8-9, where “The Apostle (Paul) declares in the strongest manner that the Gospel he preached was the one and only way of salvation and that to preach another was to nullify the death of Christ.” (Vines, p. 262.) Twice Paul proclaims that if anyone, whether angel or man, brings any other message of salvation, let him be “anathema” – accursed.

Let us apply this to today. The Mormons teach that to be “Born Again” is to be baptised into their church. On the other hand the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that by good works and becoming a Witness one may achieve some form of salvation that cannot be guaranteed. Both these examples fall under the Anathema of the Apostle Paul.

A small number of the Canons or statements of the Council of Trent would be agreed with by Christians. One example is Canon 1 recorded in Chapter 16 on Justification, and approved on 13 January 1547 during the sixth session. This canon states “If anyone says that man can be justified before God by his own works, whether done by his own natural powers or through the teaching of the law, without divine grace through Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.”

Unfortunately many of the remaining 17 canons in that chapter compromise the issue of Justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It was that very verse that was Martin Luther’s first major revelation, and that caused him to reject indulgences and the many other corrupt practices that he had been involved in as a priest in the church of that time.

Under the Canons on Sacraments (17th Session, 3 March 1547) Canon 10 states, “If anyone says that all Christians have the power to administer the word and all the sacraments, let him be anathema.” In effect this prohibits all but ordained Roman Catholic priests from preaching the word and leading the Lord’s Supper and baptism, etc. (These last two being the only sacraments instituted by Jesus). This is clearly not acceptable to Bible-believing Christians. Despite the infrequency of teaching on it, there is the well-established doctrine of the Priesthood of All Believers. This is covered below: in 1 Peter 2, and Revelation 1. God Himself states that no church authority has the right to over-rule the Scriptures.

9 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
10 Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. (1 Peter 2:9-10)

6 and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 1:6)

Both these Scriptures are describing the status of Christians (when Born-Again) as priests unto God because of their surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; their acceptance of what he did for them at Calvary; and their ongoing obedience to the Scriptures.

Canon 4 states that anyone who denies baptism of a newly born infant is “baptised for the remission of sin” invokes an anathema.

Canon 5 states, “Baptism is necessary for Salvation.” We have criticised cults for similar false statements. Baptism in the New Testament is a command of the Lord Jesus, and its purpose is obedience leading to sanctification. Nowhere is it taught as a Salvation issue. To be baptised, there are two requirements in Scripture – the person must be old enough to confess their total faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and it must be accompanied with genuine repentance for all sin and acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary’s cross.

There are people who have died following conversion but prior to baptism. Does God’s grace not cover this? Even the thief on the cross was offered Paradise that day – and there is no record he was baptised while he was nailed to a cross along-side Jesus. Bible-obedient Christians also reject infant baptism because an infant or small child is too young to recognise their spiritual condition before God. N.T. baptism requires repentance to be meaningful. An infant may be dedicated to God with water (either sprinkling or plunging) but that doesn’t constitute baptism. Children are sanctified by their parent’s spiritual state until they reach an age of knowledge and awareness (somewhere between 8 and 14 years of age).

For the sake of space here, I will mention only two other Anathemas. During the 4th Session affirmed on 8th April, 1546, it is declared anathema to all who reject the Apocryphal books. Since these were never quoted by Jesus Christ (whereas virtually all O.T. books were) and since the Apocryphal books have notable errors of fact, they have always been rejected by the Councils of the early church whose task it was to discern true Scripture from sub-standard or false, when compiling the 66 books of the Bible. The Apocryphal books failed the many tests to qualify as Scriptural canon.

Later in the same session, it was announced that only the Church of Rome could interpret Holy Scripture; and further that the printing of any book on “sacred doctrinal matters” “without permission from ecclesiastical superiors” also invoked anathema. With the exception of the Vulgate version, all Bible translations and commentaries etc. invoke this anathema/curse. This view is highly objectionable to all Christians.

Much has happened since the 1540’s. Did Vatican Two during the 1960’s deal with these contentious issues? According to “Vatican Council 2” (printed by Costello Publishing Co, Northport New York, General Editor Austin Flannery O.P., with Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur included, vol. 1 1984, & vol. 2 1982.)

Yes it did.

# 46 states “This Sacred Council … proposes again the decrees of the Second Council of Nicea, of the Council of Florence, and of the Council of Trent.” (Vol. 1, p. 412). In essence they reaffirmed it all.

The above quotes are just a few of many statements that the Roman Catholic Church authorities deem unchangeable. If such teaching or practise is contrary to Scripture, is it possible these invoke God’s Anathema? I believe so on the basis of objective Biblical truth. What is required is for Roman Catholic Christians to write to their leaders and promote Bible doctrines and request the removal of all anti-Bible doctrines of their church.

The fundamental fact is this: The Anathemas of Trent were and remain curses. They have not been rescinded, and are a block to genuine Christian dialogue about unity. The Roman Catholic hierarchy falsely claim that the salvation of every Christian outside their church is suspect or denied. It is imperative that all claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ should openly discuss the curses for what they are, and consider the reasoning and position behind them.

Various friends have conversed with Roman Catholics about issues such as the above, and they usually receive one of the following three responses: 1: They accept the authority of the Bible and they then leave the Roman Catholic Church in order to obey Jesus Christ;

2: They state that “it is all too complicated”, meaning they don’t wish to deal with this; or

3: They ask why don’t we join the Roman Catholic Church, which means they support the position of their church hierarchy and thereby reject Bible authority, and the true Jesus Christ revealed in it.

What is a Curse?

We need to begin by looking at the meaning of the terms we will use. According to Strongs Concordance, the term “curse” (H2764) means a net, a doomed object, a dedicated thing that should be utterly destroyed. It is mentioned 173 times in the Bible. A curse could also be described as “words empowered by an evil spirit.” The late Dr. Derek Prince likens a curse to a dam that holds back the waters of blessing – all you get is a trickle of blessings plus a lot of problems. The key word is Frustration! Do you start much, but complete little? Does life feel like you are trying to run through treacle? Do you exert much effort for little reward or progress? If so, these are significant hints you may have a generational curse. What do you have to lose by dealing with it?

The term “iniquities” (H205) is mentioned some 334 times in the Scriptures, and it means to pant or exert oneself in vain. It also means trouble, wickedness, vanity, to make crooked. Iniquity is Generational sin being out-worked in a subsequent generation. I have heard some Christians say that God is a God of love and mercy, and He wouldn’t curse anyone! Such a view conveniently overlooks the holiness, righteousness and justice of God, and as well it shows a seriously distorted view of Scripture. The plagues of Egypt were a curse on that nation because of the stubborn rebellion of the Pharaoh. Where do curses come from?
* God – (see Gen. 12:3; Deut. 27& 28)
* Men representing God – (see Joshua 6:26; 1 Kings 16:34; 2 Sam. 1:21; Mark 11:14)
* Relational Authority – (see Gen. 31:32) This includes parents, spouses, teachers and pastors, etc.
* Self Imposed Curses – (see Gen. 28:12-17; Matt. 27:24-25)
* Those who practice witchcraft – (see Numbers 23-25)

A real witch knows better than to attempt to curse a real Christian. Check these out: “a curse without cause shall not alight,” (Proverbs 26:2); and “No weapon formed against you (the Christian Believer) shall prosper,” (Isaiah 54:17); and whoever curses God’s chosen – “cursed be him who curses thee,” (Genesis 12:3). Consequently a curse sent against a Christian who is truly walking with God will act like a boomerang, returning to afflict the originator and leaving the Christian untouched.

Symptoms of Curses
Dr. Derek Prince has identified the following key symptoms that he summarised from the 28th Chapter of Deuteronomy.
1. Mental and emotional disorders
2. Repeated or chronic sickness (often hereditary)
3. Barrenness, miscarriage and female reproductive problems
4. Breakdowns of marriage and family alienation
5. Continuing financial insufficiency (regardless of income level)
6. Being “accident-prone”
7. History of suicides and unnatural or untimely deaths.

(From “Blessings or Curses – You can choose” by late Dr. Derek Prince).

Another way to describe iniquity is: An inherited weakness, bent or leaning towards repeating a certain sin from family activities; or the fruit of inherited sin outworking in your life.

We all have some attributes we inherit from our parents, including facial features, hair or lack of it, colour of hair or eyes, or mannerisms. Some will also look like an aunt or uncle or some other relative including grandparents. There can also be negative health issues including heart disease, eyesight degeneration and other family illnesses. Medical doctors frequently ask about family illnesses for this reason.

Consider our DNA – the components we receive from our father and mother at conception. It is the combination of these that brings those familiar eye, hair colour, mannerisms etc. and that makes us both unique and also a blend of both our parents and our family lines.

An Example of Generational Iniquity or Curse

An obvious example from Scripture would include David’s immorality with Bathsheeba, with the resulting murder of her first husband, and the birth and death of the baby conceived in iniquity. Then one of David’s sons Amnon raped his step-sister Tamar. Amnon was then killed by the step-sister’s brother, Absolom, (See 2 Samuel 13). It was this same Absolom who tried to usurp David’s throne later on. This is sin repeated by the subsequent generation. It is called “Iniquity”.

In John 9:1-10 Jesus ministered to a man born blind, and His Disciples assumed that if the man hadn’t sinned, then his parents must have caused this condition. That would clearly indicate an understanding of this issue of iniquity in the culture. In that particular case, Jesus stated there was another reason for the man’s condition not related to our subject.

Most people we have met want to be blessed by God. There are conditions for the blessings of God.
1. Listen to God’s voice.
2. Do what He says.
This is covered in the following Scripture:
1) “If you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe all His commandments
2) all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God”. (Deuteronomy 28:1-2)

The conditions for enduring curses from God are also clear-cut:
1. Don’t listen to God’s voice
2. Don’t do what He says
45) “All these curses shall come upon you and pursue you and overtake you, till you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to keep His commandments and His statues which He commanded you. 46) They shall be upon you as a sign and a wonder, and upon your descendants forever.” (Deuteronomy 28:45-46)

Some say a Christian cannot have a curse – it was all dealt with at Calvary. That is true: as the following Scriptures indicate: “The wicked one cannot touch us.” (1 John 5:18)

“a curse without cause cannot alight.” (Proverbs 26:2)

I would wonder if there is anyone without a just cause for a curse, because none of us are perfect.

I believe we need to understand that just as Jesus died for our sins, so he made provision for our salvation. But yet not all are saved because they have not appropriated the requirements of salvation.

It is widely understood amongst Christians that to be “saved”, a person must repent of their sins, and must put their faith or trust in what Jesus did for us at Calvary. So Jesus made available the provision of salvation, but we must appropriate it in order to receive it. Then we must live out our faith.

Is everyone then “saved?” – NO! God’s holiness requires repentance for our sins and the penalty paid. Jesus has paid it for those who accept Him. Those who reject Him are clearly in jeopardy, according to many Scriptures too numerous to list here.

In the same way, the breaking of curses was also made available to us by what Jesus did on the cross. The provision is there, but we need to appropriate the provision for ourselves. Jesus dealt with our curses – right? As it states in Galatians 3:13 “Cursed is he who hangs on a tree”,

So, if you are totally perfect, and so were your parents, grandparents and great grandparents too, you shouldn’t experience the frustrations the rest of us have. The breaking of Curses and Iniquities are not salvation issues – they are “quality of life” issues.

So, returning to the stated purpose of ministering freedom from ungodly curses and bondages, we suggest and propose the following ministry as the Holy Spirit leads. This follows the same basic pattern as we would minister with those departing cults such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or what has been described as the world’s largest operating coven, Freemasonry.

Christians should pray for Roman Catholics without judging them. Bring their sins to God in an attitude of love, petitioning the Father for His mercy, binding in the name of Jesus Christ the spirits of deception, antichrist, witchcraft and death. Please remember, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood (your loved one) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” (Ephesians 6:12). This is a spiritual battle, and should be treated accordingly.

Prayer of Release for Roman Catholics & their Descendants

If you were once a member of the Roman Catholic Church or are a descendant of someone who was, we recommend that you pray through this prayer from your heart. Please read it through first so you know what is involved. It is best to pray this aloud with a mature Christian present. We suggest a brief pause following each paragraph to allow the Holy Spirit to show any related issues that may require attention.

“Father God, creator of heaven and earth, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your Son. I come as a sinner seeking forgiveness and cleansing from all my sins committed against you, and others made in your image. I honour my earthly father and mother and all of my ancestors of flesh and blood, and of the spirit by adoption and godparents, but I utterly turn away from and renounce all their sins. I forgive all my ancestors for the effects of their sins and iniquities on my children and me. I confess and renounce all of my own sins, known or unknown and I accept personally the sacrifice that Jesus gave Himself for me on Calvary. I renounce and rebuke Satan and every spiritual power of his affecting me and my family, in the name of Jesus Christ.

True Holy Creator God, in the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, in accordance with Jude 8-10; Psalm 82:1 and 2 Chronicles 18, I request you to move aside all Celestial Beings, including Principalities, Powers and Rulers, and to forbid them from harassing, intimidating or retaliating against me and all participants in this ministry today.

I also ask that you prevent these beings, of whatever rank, from being permitted to send any level of spiritual evil as retaliation against any of those here, or our families, our ministries, or possessions.

I renounce and annul every covenant made with Death by my ancestors or myself, including every agreement made with Sheol, and I renounce the refuge of lies and falsehoods that have been hidden behind.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I renounce and forsake all ungodly involvement in Roman Catholicism by my ancestors and myself. I renounce every covenant, every blood covenant and every alliance with Roman Catholicism or the spiritual powers behind it made by my family or me. I also renounce and repent of all permission I have ever granted to be deceived, or that was granted by my parents or previous generations without my awareness or consent.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce every form of ungodly authority and all ungodly power, and I repent for submitting to all ungodly authority. I repent for my loyalty towards the Roman Catholic Church, and its Popes, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests when that loyalty and obedience should have been to Jesus Christ. I also repent and renounce any and all impartations I received through any laying on of hands, including by any false priesthood and all religious deception. I especially reject the false teaching and belief in the infallibility of the pope, because only God is true, and every man is a liar, according to Romans 3 verse 4.

I repent for my silence and ignorance about the Roman Catholic Church’s historical use of terror, bloodshed, torture, lies, coercion, deception, sexual immorality, fraud, control and manipulation, either directly or through the various Orders of the Church. Please heal me from any of these things that have been done to me, or that were done to others with my awareness or consent.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent for believing in a church that has kept people from understanding the Holy Bible, when that has the Words of Life. I humbly request to be exempted from the punishment for adding or deducting from God’s word recorded in Revelation 22 verses 18 & 19. Please help me understand Your Word the Holy Bible, and to trust it and apply it to my life in a way that will bring glory to Your name, and benefit for my spiritual growth and maturity.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce the pagan syncretism taught alongside true Biblical teaching by the Roman Catholic Church. I reject and repent of all pagan beliefs and practices, and ask to be set free from all such pagan influences in my mind, my will, my emotions, my heart, my conscience, my imagination and my habits.

I choose to forgive everyone who has taught me false doctrine and ungodly religious practices, including the so-called “Sacrifice of the Mass”. I also renounce and reject the calling on the spirits of the dead to protect me that occurs at every mass. In repenting for all these, I also choose to forgive myself for my active participation or acquiescent acceptance of all such beliefs and practices, in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask for mercy on all who taught me false doctrines and practices and the conviction of the Holy Spirit of the error of their ways, and that they would discover the truth and teach that instead, in Jesus’ name.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce and repent of every form of idolatry, including the idolatry of Holy Mother Church, and any false worship and spiritual adultery I indulged in, even in my ignorance that your Word forbids such practice in Exodus 20 verse 5 and elsewhere. I choose to worship The True Creator God, revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Please teach me how to worship You in spirit and in truth.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent and renounce every devotion, veneration, worship and idolatry of the Virgin Mary. I recognise and accept that Mary, otherwise known as Miriam by her Hebrew name, was a good woman chosen by God the Father to bear and bring up the Lord Jesus Christ with her husband Joseph, but that she recognised that she was a sinner needing to make a sacrifice for her personal sins, as confirmed by Luke 2:22-24, and as was the Scripture-based custom of her day. I also reject and renounce the falsely claimed Co-Mediatrix and Intercessory roles of Mary – the mother of Jesus – the Immaculate Conception of Mary, her Perpetual Virginity (despite having at least six other named children) and her Bodily Assumption into Heaven; all of which have no Biblical basis whatever, but are the doctrines of men imposed on Bible-deprived members.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce the belief in the post-death apparitions of Mary, such as the Lady of Lourdes, the Lady of Fatima, the Lady of Guadeloupe, and the Lady of Medjugorje, I reject all instructions from these and all other similar apparitions because too many of those instructions were contrary to the revealed Word of God, thereby proving the spiritism involved in these. I also reject and renounce as well the other titles including the Queen of Heaven, the Lady of Mercedes, the Lady of the Snows, the Queen of Martyrs, the Queen of Peace, and Mary, Star of the Seas, the Black Madonna of Jazna-Gora, and any other titles attributed to her.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent for praying to dead people, and the necromancy and spiritism that involved, when the Holy Bible in Deuteronomy 18 verse 11 and elsewhere forbids that practice. I ask Your forgiveness for my ignorance of Your clear instructions forbidding this, Heavenly Father. I repent for all belief that dead people can answer my prayers. Please help me learn how to pray in a way that is acceptable to You.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent and renounce all dedication of my life to dead saints, including Mary, and also any dedication to any organization, including the Roman Catholic Church. In cancelling that now, I choose to dedicate my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Living God and to the purposes of His Kingdom.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent, renounce and cut off all ungodly soul ties and connections with any dead saints that I have been dedicated to or chosen for me in my ignorance of Your Word, the Holy Bible. I repent for every time I asked any dead saint to pray on my behalf, since this practice is also forbidden in the Bible. I repent for every honour I ever performed to any dead saint where such honour was inconsistent with the Bible and God’s revealed will. I ask to be set free from all confusion that praying to saints has caused, and the spiritism this involved, and I request the removal of all harmful influence they have had over my life.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent, and renounce all trust in dedicated objects, including medals, scapulars, statues, sacred heart posters and paintings, the rosary beads, holy water, votive candles, sacred relics and any kissing or bowing to any alleged sacred object or novenas.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent, and renounce all trust in any “sacrament” that does not have a solid Biblical basis, including infant baptism, confirmation, first communion or Eucharist, confession, penance and extreme unction.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce all beliefs that are contrary to Your revealed Word and will, and I ask for You to renew my mind and my heart, and to help me recognise all false teaching and beliefs when I hear or see them. Please protect me from all spiritual deception, regardless of source, in Jesus’ name. I also repent for trusting in rituals and objects and attributing power to them, instead of trusting Your love for me and relying on Your power, Your love and Your faithfulness.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I reject and repent of the shameless use of indulgences to obtain money from members of the Roman Catholic Church by priests by fraud, with false and unsubstantiated promises of quicker release from the imaginary place of the dead called Purgatory, or of the falsely promised cancellation of sins. Lord Jesus, I choose and seek Your assistance by Your Holy Spirit for righteous behaviour and motives whenever I deal with issues of money and property.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I reject, repent and renounce every form of sexual immorality, perversion, paedophilia, seduction, rape, the killing of babies and the hypocrisy involved in the Roman Catholic Churchby priests and members of other orders over their church members and all others that has been allowed for hundreds of years. I also reject the enforced celibacy of clergy, priests and nuns, as that is not a requirement for ministry to Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. I repent of every sexual sin that I have committed by thought, word, imagination or deed, in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, please help me to resist every form of sexual sin and give me a pure heart I so may bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ by my conduct.

Lord God, I thank you for freedom of conscience. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent of serving a church that required people to fast through legalism, and that killed people for eating meat during Lent, and I reject the coercion of the Roman Catholic priests to live under such legalism. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent for every instance where I tried to violate the free will of others.

I thank you Heavenly Father, for the ability to discern the difference between the truth of Your revealed will through the Holy Bible and the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church where these differ from your Word. In any way I cannot see these differences, please enable me to recognise all error and false teaching. I especially renounce and repent of ever believing the anti-Biblical teachings of transubstantiation, purgatory, and that my salvation may only be obtained by being baptised into membership of the Roman Catholic Church as an infant. In rejecting these false teachings, I choose to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and what He did for me on the Cross of Calvary, in His birth, death and resurrection, and ask to have my name recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27). Consequently, I ask to be exempted from the plagues and the rejection by You based on Revelation 22 verses 18 and 19.

Heavenly Father and true holy Creator God, I thank You for helping me live in the freedom that Christ died for me and that is provided by your Holy Spirit. Help me to grow into a strong, mature and fruitful follower of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your goodness, faithfulness, mercy and love towards me. Teach me your ways that I may walk strongly on your paths designed by you for me to walk. Be glorified through my life, and show your love and character through me, that others may see Jesus in me.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I also renounce, cut off and dissolve in the blood of Jesus Christ every ungodly Soul-tie I or my ancestors have created with other Roman Catholics or participants in occultic groups and actions, and I ask you to send out ministering angels to gather together all portions of my fragmented soul, to free them from all bondages and to wash them clean in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and then to restore them to wholeness to their rightful place within me. I also ask that You remove from me any parts of any other person’s soul which has been deposited within my humanity. Thank you Lord for restoring my soul and sanctifying my spirit.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce and rebuke every evil spirit associated with Roman Catholicism, spiritism, occultic mysticism and all other sins and iniquities involved. Lord Jesus, I ask you to now set me free from all spiritual and other bondages, in accordance with the many promises of the Bible. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now take the delegated authority given to me and bind every spirit of sickness, infirmity, curse, affliction, addiction, disease or allergy associated with these sins I have confessed and renounced, including every spirit empowering all iniquities inherited from my family.

I exercise the delegated authority from the Risen Lord Jesus Christ over all lower levels of evil spirits and demons which have been assigned to me, and I command that all such demonic beings are to be bound up into one, to be separated from every part of my humanity, whether perceived to be in the body or trapped in the dimensions, and they are not permitted to transfer power to any other spirits or to call for reinforcements.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command every evil spirit to leave me now, touching or harming no-one, and go to the dry place appointed for you by the Lord Jesus Christ, never to return to me or my family, and I command that you now take all your memories, roots, scars, works, nests and habits with you. I surrender to God’s Holy Spirit and to no other spirit all the places in my life where these sins and iniquities have been.

Holy Spirit, I ask that you show me anything else that I need to do or to pray so that my family and I may be totally free from the consequences of the sins of Roman Catholicism, Witchcraft, Spiritism and all related Paganism and Occultism.

(Pause, while listening to God, and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.)

Now, dear Father God, I ask humbly for the blood of Jesus Christ, your Son and my Saviour, to cleanse me from all these sins I have confessed and renounced, to cleanse my spirit, my soul, my mind, my emotions and every part of my body which has been affected by these sins, in the name of Jesus Christ. I also command every cell in my body to come into divine order now, and to be healed and made whole as they were designed to by my loving Creator, including restoring all chemical imbalances and neurological functions, controlling all cancerous cells, reversing all degenerative diseases, and I sever the DNA and RNA of any mental or physical diseases or afflictions that came down through my family blood lines. I also ask to receive the perfect love of God that casts out all fear, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask you, Lord, to fill me with your Holy Spirit now according to the promises in your Word. I take to myself the whole armour of God in accordance with Ephesians Chapter Six, and rejoice in its protection as Jesus surrounds me and fills me with His Holy Spirit. I enthrone you, Lord Jesus, in my heart, for you are my Lord and my Saviour, the source of eternal life. Thank you, Father God, for your mercy, your forgiveness and your love, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”