Generational Iniquities

It is best to pray this out loud, with or without a mature Christian present.


“Heavenly Father, creator of heaven and earth, I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Son.

I come as a sinner seeking forgiveness and cleansing from all sins committed against you, and others created in your image.

I honor my earthly father and mother, and all my ancestors of flesh and blood, adoptive or step parents, but I utterly turn away from and renounce all their ungodly practices, sins and iniquities.

I forgive all my ancestors for the effects of their sins on me and my children.

Thank you, Father, for sending your only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to die in my place; to pay the penalty for my sins through His shed blood, and to bear the punishment for the sins and iniquities of my ancestors in His bruised and bleeding body on the Cross of Calvary.

Thank you that He is my Holy Scapegoat.

I choose now, to confess and take accountability for the sins through my family bloodlines back to the fourth generation, and to the tenth generation for sexual sins, known and unknown.

I confess and renounce all idolatry, known and unknown, also all involvement with occult power and looking into the hidden things of darkness by my family and ancestors. *

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now break and renounce all blood oaths, blood covenants, blood dedications, blood ties and all blood bondages to Satan and any other false gods by my family and myself.

I also cancel all ungodly documents, agreements and assignments against me and my family, past, present and future, and I apply the blood of Jesus Christ to cancel them. I declare their penalty has been paid in full by Jesus at Calvary.

I confess all ungodly behavior, spoken words, thoughts and negative emotions that have had an ill-effect on my family bloodlines, on my marriage and other relationships.

I repent of all word curses spoken over or to others. I release each person from any offence caused, and release my rights to revenge, for the Word of God says that revenge is the Lord’s only.

I confess the operation of rejection in my family bloodlines in every form, especially that which is now affecting me, my marriage and my family.

I confess any addictions in my family bloodlines, known or unknown.

I renounce the effects of any untimely death and any effects of war in my family bloodlines. I give to the Lord Jesus Christ all unresolved grief from these deaths, and from death of expectations. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to release me from the consequences of all unresolved grief and disappointments attached to the death of expectations.

I renounce all areas of false guilt and false responsibility in my family bloodlines.

I confess and renounce all religious restrictions and perversion of the Gospel in my family bloodlines, either from a Christian denomination or church, from a different religion, faith or tradition, or from cultic involvement.

I renounce any hereditary illness, whether physical, emotional or mental, and any other weakness in my family bloodlines.

I confess and ask forgiveness for any failure by myself and my ancestors for stealing from God by not bringing to Him our tithes and offerings as His Word commands. This has permitted the Devourer to plunder my family’s wealth. I confess this grievous sin and I repent and ask your forgiveness now.

I choose now to be generous, so I break the curse and spirit of poverty off my life now, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I rebuke every related spirit, including greed, covetousness, stinginess, and self-reliance; and I command all such spirits to leave me now harmlessly on my natural breathing, and to go to your appointed place of judgement and not to return to me or my family, in the name of Jesus Christ.


I confess, repent and renounce any and all adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality or bestiality which has been practised by me or my family bloodlines.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now cut off all the effects of these sins, known and unknown, including all ungodly soulties, and I break every curse involved, in Jesus’ name.

I also bind every spirit which empowered these curses and ungodly soulties, and I command you all to leave me now, and go to your place of appointment to await your judgement in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Father God, I come before you in the name of Jesus Christ, confessing these sins and weaknesses which may affect me. I release my ancestors into the freedom of my forgiveness. No longer will I blame them for how I am.

I now lay the punishment and inherited weaknesses on the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my scapegoat; on His bruised and bleeding body on the cross.   I receive your forgiveness and release from their effects.

Thank you, my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that I can cast my burdens on YOU.

Please heal me, renew me and lead me in your ways, that my life may bring glory to your name.



This information is taken from:

“Dealing with Costly Words and Actions” by Dr. Selwyn Stevens, (ISBN 978-1877203-742-9) published by Jubilee Resource International Inc., PO Box 36-044, Wellington Mail Centre 5045, New Zealand. To obtain copies of this book, please click secure Web Shop. To obtain copies of this book, please click Web Shop.


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