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Dealing with Curses & Generational Iniquities: MP4 Video on USB

Dealing with Curses & Generational Iniquities: MP4 Video on USB

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Dealing with Curses & Generational Iniquities:

Releasing People, Communities & Nations into God’s Blessings

by Selwyn Stevens Ph.D.

This teaching offers hope for all Christians that they can be released into the blessings of God and forever leave behind iniquities and curses that have kept them captive, perhaps their whole families for generations.

This explains the twelve major curses that people may have operating in their families, and what you can to do about them effectively. 

It also includes new material on the curses over Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and Scandinavian people, plus many other national and ethnic groups.

This teaching has been taught in several nations with much fruit for personal, family and community liberty.

Also available as a printed book, an E-book, MP4 - USB drive Video

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