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Eureka! Unravelling Christadelphianism - eBook

Eureka! Unravelling Christadelphianism - eBook

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Eureka! Unravelling Christadelphianism

Author: Branson Hopkins

In his other writings Branson faced the challenge presented by the history and practices of Christadelphianism. In this publication the connection between the beginnings of the religion, it’s Freemasonry involvement, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are presented.

Branson also records some details of Masonic involvement in the other religious cults such as Latter-Day Saints/Mormons, The Watchtower/Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Seventh-day Adventists founders. In his book, The Rise of the Cults, Branson shows by word and a chart how so many religious cults borrowed each other’s errors that have grown into heresies.

About the Author: Branson Hopkins

In his mid-teens, Branson became actively and deeply committed to a small, relatively unknown religious cult. Experiencing in the following years much emotional discomfort and spiritual confusion, he was to reach his mid-thirties before a personal experience dramatically broke through the captivity of his mind and spirit to release him.


Branson has become acutely aware of the consequences of believing doctrines and adopting practices which appear to offer “life” but which minister “death” to the spirits of men. Originally intended as personal study notes, the author was encouraged by friends to make this work available to a wider audience. It has been well received.


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