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Help! The Sheep are Escaping (E-book)

Help! The Sheep are Escaping (E-book)

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Help! The Sheep are Escaping: Understanding the Exodus From Church to God’s Ecclesia

by Selwyn Stevens Ph.D.

For most Christians in the West, “church” isn’t working! It’s for spectators, not participants. Around three-quarters of New Zealand Christians don’t attend a local congregation anymore. Most haven’t lost their faith in Jesus. Instead, there’s a rediscovery of the early Christian home-based gatherings following God’s commands to celebrate the Feasts of the LORD, the Five-fold structure of God’s government of His people, and relevant and healthy Kingdom growth and evangelism. All the evidence points to the fact that God is behind this phenomena.

The Old Wineskin cannot compete any longer, as God raises up His New Wineskin to fulfil His end-time purposes. The solution is for “church” to become Ecclesia (and understand the significant difference) and for participation with appropriate equipping, releasing and accountability for Kingdom growth. The result is fruitful and fulfilling.

This is the message recorded at the recent Jubilee Summer School in e-book form, plus some additions.

Also available in print format & DVD only in PAL format, which can be played through computers or on DVD players with Multi-zone function.

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