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Rediscovering the Joy of the Lord, Dr. Seth Fawcet, Downloadable MP4 video

Rediscovering the Joy of the Lord, Dr. Seth Fawcet, Downloadable MP4 video

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Rediscovering the Joy of the Lord

2020 was a year where secular media and governments used fear and confusion to control people during a time of pandemic. Church fellowships, almost globally, were closed. The Hebrew Year of the Mouth was masked, as Christians found new ways to connect through the internet. But the Joy of the Lord is our strength, according to Scripture, and Christian witness should be shared widely and joyfully. Seth Fawcet is one Christian leader who does share that Joy and explains how we each can experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in daily life.

Dr. Seth Fawcet is Apostolic Leader of Hope Network International, and a leader of leaders. Known as the Apostle of Joy, Seth trains people in many nations for the past twenty years, including over 30 ministry trips in a decade to Germany, along with other nations on five continents. He is one of New Zealand’s true spiritual Fathers, and is a wild-hearted Revivalist and imparts a powerful anointing of joy. He has an amazing ability to reach people through his compassion, love and wonderful sense of humour.

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