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The Warrior Bride. manual #BWMS

The Warrior Bride. manual #BWMS

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The Warrior Bride - New Second Edition just now available

From the training course of the same name, run  in many towns and cities in New Zealand cities, plus North Carolina and many cities across Ontario Canada. The sub-heading is “Effective and Fruitful Spiritual Warfare for community transformation."

Part One explains there is a war on, and what it really looks like; who are the participants etc.

Part Two looks at God’s protection plan, this requires our participation.

Part Three looks at Defending the local Congregation, including exposing the Coven programme to wreck churches, and what we can do about this;

Part Four shows Christians how to attack the Darkness, liberating people into the Kingdom of God; closing Gates of Hell, winning territory through Prayer Walking, Redeeming the land, etc. 

Also available as down-loadable PDF for E-reader or printing.

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