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Unmasking the Adventist Paradox: Foundation of Delusions Book #BUAS (NEW!)

Unmasking the Adventist Paradox: Foundation of Delusions Book #BUAS (NEW!)

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Unmasking the Adventist Paradox: Foundation of Delusions

Author: Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D.

Is the Seventh-Day Adventist church just a Christian denomination that is a bit legalistic about the Sabbath and dietary issues, but otherwise a “Christian” denomination? This book will help you understand the times in which it began in the 1800’s, and how those affected the thinking of many people at that time. Out of the failed prophecy by William Miller about the Return of Jesus Christ, there arose a variety of new religious movements, many of whom borrowed each other’s dogma.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church was one of those movements, picking up a mixture of delusions that are still largely held by their members. This is a group founded by a proven false teacher and false prophet, Ellen G. White, whose errors and visions have become dogma. There is always a danger when dogma becomes legalism, when they take the traditions of a man or woman and elevate them above the Word of God.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, who the Seventh-day Adventists criticize a lot, both are in desperate need of Biblical correction if they are to be regarded as legitimate branches of Christianity. The Paradox is explained in James 3:11-12.

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