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What's Behind The Ink? # BWBS

What's Behind The Ink? # BWBS

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What's Behind The Ink?

Author: Dr. William Sudduth  

Many people believe that tattooing, piercing and other fads are merely harmless expressions of individuality. Here is a well-researched examination of the spiritual aspects of tattooing, piercing, and other fads from a Christian perspective.

In reviewing the book, Global Harvest Ministries Vice President, Doris Wagner has written, "This book is a must read for all deliverance ministers and youth workers! It deserves to be in every church library as well as required reading for deliverance courses taught all over the world."

This book does not intend to bring condemnation upon those who have ignorantly been ensnared by a trap of the enemy, but is meant to reveal the subtle deceptions of the enemy, so that others will not fall into the same stronghold.    

Also available as down-loadable PDF for E-reader or printing, & a DVD entitled "Tattoos, Body Piercing & Other Fads" is also available.

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