Freemasonry Testimonies

Testimony of Scott

While I have never been in the Masons and always held them off at arm’s length, most of the men in my mother’s and father’s families were heavily involved. At the suggestion of my pastor I came to your site to use your prayer for release from the Freemasons. I didn’t have any illnesses, but have suffered from a sort of mild, chronic depression which seems to have been passed down through my father’s family. My wife and I prayed the prayer for freedom from religious spirits first, and then came back last night for the Masons prayer. To be honest, it’s a long prayer and I thought it would be a waste of time, since I’ve never taken any Masonic oaths nor been involved in their rites.

Was I wrong! As soon as we began reading the prayer the Holy Spirit began to move powerfully, and my wife received a vision of the room filling with angels. The energy in the room was palpable, and felt by everyone present, including my two sons, aged 13 and 11. I don’t know exactly what was broken last night, nor how it was related to Masonry, but we know that spiritual warfare occurred, chains were broken and we were released from something evil that had attached itself to us through my father’s and his ancestors’ submission to the Masons. I never would have thought what they did in the past could have an effect on my family and me today, but I’m convinced now.

Thank you for publishing these prayers on your website and allowing their use by anyone who needs them. If I’m ever in a position to recommend them, I will.

ASTHMA & PSORIASIS HEALED by John from Australia

“You may recall that you sent me a little extra information on the Orange Lodge in October 1996, and I thought you may be interested in a testimony.
My wife’s parents had been very active in the Orange Lodge and (my wife) and her sisters had been involved in the Junior Lodge. After your reply came, a friend prayed with (my wife) and as she prayed she saw the Cross of Christ going into her chest. She did not know the significance of it, but when our daughter-in-law heard about it she said, “That’s your asthma being healed!” (My wife) had severe asthma and it was worsening, but Praise the Lord she has been completely healed and has been off medication for over a year.
My testimony is that my grandfather had been a Freemason as a young man. I was a little uncertain about the extent of my renunciation in the past and not wanting to leave any chinks in my armour I prayed the Prayer of Release from your book in the presence of a pastor and his wife.
I have had Psoriasis on my foot and lower leg since I was a boy (I am now 62) and it was only last week when I was rereading your book that I noticed the references to Psoriasis and realised that it had disappeared.
We appreciate your ministry and pray God will continue to bless and grow your ministry.”


“I got the 10 page prayer guide renouncing Freemasonry off the internet. I asked my husband to read it and he agreed to pray it with me. My daughter is 16 years old and has been very athletic all her life. She started playing ball when she was 4 years old. A year and a half ago she decided to try Track (athletics) instead of softball. We did not realize it at the time but she has very high arches in her feet. She quickly began to fall apart concerning her feet. She had terrible pain in her arches as well as her ankles.
The pain got so bad she had to be on crutches for a short time. We took her to an orthopaedic doctor, a podiatrist, a neurologist, and back to another orthopaedic doctor. They could not do anything for her and we spent over $1,000 trying to find some answers, but there were none. One doctor even wanted to do surgery on her feet, telling us that his surgery would only have a 50-50 chance of being successful. We said, “No Thanks!!!” I just recently found out that my niece has had some similar problems with her feet and has had surgery on them several times.
I thought that was kind of odd to have such an unusual thing be wrong with both girls. I knew that there has been heavy involvement on both my mother and father’s sides of the family in the Freemasons. So I felt very strongly that this prayer guide could provide some answers.
My husband and I prayed the prayer guide renouncing Freemasonry on a Saturday morning, and on Monday morning our daughter was able to join a soccer team and go to a soccer training camp that lasted all day for 5 days. Except for having some major soreness in her legs because of not being able to run at all for over a years, HER FEET WERE FINE! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! I know that this was a major breakthrough, and I look forward with great anticipation to getting the books I ordered from you.


Onset & Triggers: Easter time 1995, I came down with a viral illness which put me in bed for about 8 days. A full series of blood tests could only tell me what I didn’t have! My energy/stamina levels never fully recovered after that illness, although at the time, it didn’t really occur to me. Initially, I thought I was just getting old (at 29 years). Slowly, my lack of energy became frustratingly worse. In July 1997, Chicken Pox put me in bed for about ten days. My digestive system never completely recovered, with Irritable Bowel Syndrome setting in. At the time I was on holidays, but chose to resign from work, mainly due to my health. I struggled to do some part time work for three months, but had to give it up in April 1998, because I wasn’t coping. I have not been working since.
During this time, several stressful events took place in my life, including the birth of my first child in September 1995, (diagnosed) with a rare, degenerative, genetic, muscle and brain disorder. Without a doubt, this long-term stressful environment was another trigger for my susceptibility to C.F.S.
Between May and November 1994, I had a series of three Hepatitis B vaccinations, due to work-place risks. Although I can’t prove it, nor would most medical people support the idea, I have no doubt this was another trigger. In talking with other C.F.S. sufferers, many had vaccinations in the months leading up to the initial onset of their condition, or they had major relapses after a vaccination.
Living with C.F.S. (If it can be called “living!”) Going along to the (local) C.F.S. support group for the first three to four times, was very informative and encouraging. It was good to discover I wasn’t the only person struggling to find an understanding doctor, who was prepared to do anything, after endless rounds of blood tests, etc., didn’t reveal anything significant. It was also good to find a comprehensive lending library of very informative books, tapes and videos. Depressing though many of the discoveries I made were, there was still a real liberation in understanding exactly what you are dealing with. Taking away the fear of the unknown in the early visits to the support group, lifted off a big emotional burden, for me. It gave me more resources to cope with the strange symptoms I was struggling with (which included, in basic order of severity of debility – breathing was a real effort some days; light-headed; muscle pain, especially legs; fairly constant headaches; joint pain, especially ankles, wrists, and fingers; unable to sleep or unrefreshing sleep; night sweats; sore throat or ears; churning painful stomach, especially at night; and associated diarrhoea; hot flushed face; itchy gritty eyes; sweaty feeling around eyes; cold sore feet – no matter what the weather was like or how much you covered them up; “brain fog”/confusion/poor short term memory, etc. etc.!)
As the weeks rolled into months and then years, I found going to the support group frustrating and depressing. Sharing with others, all struggling with similar aches or pains, and NO REAL SOLUTIONS, wasn’t helping me. I needed to become part of a support group with many people who had recovered from the condition. These people seemed few and far between (which is a depressing statement in itself and a reflection of the nature of the condition.) Generally people who had recovered were out LIVING LIFE and wanted to put space between themselves and C.F.S.
Freedom/Release: I now find myself an ex-C.F.S. sufferer. (Praise God!) I have known the fear of being curled up in a fetal position in bed all day, with intense muscle pain from head to toe and the strongest dose of painkiller in the house, only just taking the edge off it. Sitting still in a cold bath of water for ten minutes, several times a day did provide some relief to the bad muscle pain. Extraction of wisdom teeth is the only worse pain I have experienced, however it was localised to my head, and I knew it would end when it healed. I have known the strain on our marriage, as my wife struggled with the frustration of having to cuddle up to a slimy, sweaty husband for months, who was often too weak even to return a decent hug. My heartfelt desire in sharing the story of how I was released from C.F.S. is that it may assist others to find a pathway of healing from this debilitating illness. I have no desire to be controversial, but must share the truth of how God set me free. Two days later, I went on a four day break with my wife (planned months before), during which we walked for four to five kilometres per day. I had rarely walked with my wife for years before that, and I would have to turn back early, if I did. I have to be careful and not overdo things, as I still struggle with tiredness, at times. My muscles are sore and stiff at times, due to the shock of extra use, after years of inactivity. I still struggle with some digestive problems, however I believe God will also deal with them in the future as I continue to pursue this issue.
C.F.S. is a very perplexing and multifaceted illness. I believe its causes include environmental (pollution/chemicals), physical (viral/dietary), emotional (long-term stress/grief), medical (vaccinations) and spiritual (generational curses through occult involvement) to name some. There are many readily accessible resources about all but the last of these issues. For a long time I felt, if I strictly followed a very healthy diet, (avoid the five “whites” – salt, sugar, dairy products, white flour products and all animal fat and products – aim for 80% raw fruit and vegetable diet while drinking plenty of clean water or vegetable juices) I would beat this condition. Dietary changes initially helped, (especially getting off dairy product – tests later revealed I was lactose intolerant) but the improvement was not sustained and I became emotionally obsessive about what I did/didn’t put in my mouth, which was counterproductive. While very important, diet was not the source of my healing I also tried many different (often expensive) vitamins, minerals supplements, natural remedies, etc., etc., with no significant improvements. I got to the stage where I refused to try anything, unless I heard first hand from another C.F.S. sufferer whom I knew, that they had gained sustained improvement from the product.
Unlike native/indigenous peoples, our “western world, rational thinking, mind set” has difficulty accepting that physical harm can result from negative spiritual involvement, in the form of generational curses. We hear a lot about people being genetically predisposed to a certain illness or disease, including C.F.S. (e.g. several members of a family with the same noncontagious illness). I believe that in many cases, there is a spiritual predisposition, in the form of a generational curse, at the root of that genetic predisposition. Unless these generational curses are renounced and cut off, then genetically there is a “freedom” for diseases to continue to manifest down the generational line.
My challenge to you is to prayerfully consider your spiritual heritage, and seek out resources and people, to assist you to deal with any issues that may be keeping you in ill health. By all means continue to pursue all possible issues which may be causing your illness, but don’t spend lots of money pursuing all others while ignoring/neglecting the spiritual. If in many cases C.F.S. is spiritually rooted, we shouldn’t find it surprising that medical science is finding the mystery of the illness hard to unravel, by the testing of physical body specimens.
Through some of the hardest months of my illness, I declared I would strongly promote and sell anything that gave me sustained, significant release from C.F.S. I promote to you the healing power of Jesus Christ, through renouncing of generational curses. I can’t, however, sell it to you, because it will not cost you anything!

Jubilee’s note: I remember watching as the Lord ministered into Howard’s life that night. It was dramatic, but the God was always in control. In a private letter which accompanied this unsolicited testimony, Howard says the following (which we use with his permission).
“There was an awesome emotional, mental and spiritual release for me that night. In spite of the fact that I have stood against Freemasonry in my family for over ten years, and received specific prayer and ministry on the issue in my life, half a dozen times over that period.
Just a few things that happened the night of my release that I thought you might be interested in:
1. I felt like I was being pulled backwards over the chair with a noose around my neck (the cabletow or noose of Lodge Ritual).
2. There was an intense “zeroing in”, alternating between consuming darkness to blinding light “exploding” in my mind. (chess board on the floor of the lodge and what it represents – see Isaiah 5:20).
3. Intense “pins and needles” electricity shooting down my legs and out the soles of my feet. (I have since learned that in a Shriner’s Ritual [an American Masonic order] the candidate stands on a platform with electricity passed through it to represent walking through the hot sands of the desert. Some years ago my father & uncle (whom I believe is 300) travelled to Canada/America for a (family) wedding and would have visited lodges while there.)”
In his own words, Howard is explaining his experience and understanding of it. We at Jubilee have heard others tell a similar story, and the fruit of totally changed lives proves what happened. Anyone who has a Freemason in the family line, or even if you have had pray ministry for it before, as Howard mentioned he had, we recommend you take the time and down load the Prayer of Renouncing Freemasonry from our web site, read through it thoroughly, and then pray through it with a mature Christian present. Our primary purpose is to see people set free, and we know from personal experience this can only be accomplished by Jesus Christ. He is the faithful God, deliverer, saviour and friend.

TESTIMONY OF “HAVELL” former Master Mason

“For eight years I was a Freemason, initiated, passed, and raised, if you know the jargon. It simply means I was in the Blue Lodge, and I became in due course a Master Mason. I was introduced into Freemasonry by two members of a church vestry of which I was also a member. I liked and respected both men – they were friends, and I had no reason to doubt their honesty. They would say, in accord with Freemasonry teachings, that I was not invited to join, but rather that I expressed an interest. That is one of the things which is part of Freemasonry folklore; that no one is invited to join, that a candidate expresses an interest and it is that interest that is subsequently taken up. So two respected friends said this was something I should look at, I expressed an interest and some two years later I was initiated into a lodge.
However, nine years ago I decided to resign from my lodge. Then I removed all lodge-related clothing and books from my home, and finally I renounced entirely all connections with Freemasonry and sought the LORD’s forgiveness. Why did I choose to do that? Well, let me start with some of the good things, the attractive things about Freemasonry, and perhaps you will come on a journey with me as I work through the list to some of the things I am uncomfortable with about Freemasonry.
Freemasons are known for, but generally don’t seek publicity for, good works. For example, the building of homes for the elderly, and support for widows and children. Many Freemasons give a great deal of time and considerable sums of money to that sort of thing. Lodge ritual promotes high standards of moral conduct, for example, honesty, uprightness, support for widows and children. They acknowledge a supreme being, any supreme being. For the Christian or Jew it is Yahweh, but for Moslems it is Allah, for others, their gods.
It is quite spurious to hold that all are the same, the one true God. Neither the Christian nor the Jew may have any God other than the Lord God the creator. That is the first commandment, and to the Christian, God has uniquely revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. To acknowledge any other god is not only to reject the First Commandment, but also to deny Christ. Christ said, “If you deny me I also shall deny you before My Father in heaven.” So I believe that Freemasons, on this alone, are in grave spiritual danger. Perhaps one could express it more strongly than this.
Next, Paul instructed Christians not to be yoked together with unbelievers. In my view candidates undertaking the first three degrees of Freemasonry yoke themselves with members of other lodges who may openly acknowledge supreme beings other than God. Much lodge ritual calls on Freemasons to do good works, so that they may ascend to heaven. In contrast Christ said that no man comes to the Father except through Him. He is the way. Paul makes clear that we cannot justify ourselves through good works. Only our faith in Christ is cause for hope, that we will share eternal life with Him. To argue otherwise is again to deny Christ.
Continuing on with falsehood, Freemasonry claims that lodge ritual is largely a series of plays that teach morality. Well, certainly they are fiction. The plays, however, present as fact what is fiction, so they may be plays but they have the presentation of being truth. But in the course of this, Bible stories are mistold and Biblical characters are given roles that they don’t ever have in the Bible. There is no biblical support for it. Now, I think Freemasons might argue that this is but a means, albeit an amoral or immoral means, to an end. But I view it as an insidious form of lie. It is falsehood with a religious gloss, and for traditional Anglicans the gloss is also enhanced by a wording which is a counterfeit of 1662 Prayer Book language. So it has this religiosity about it which appeals to people who know that tradition, which affects for example, many Presbyterians and Anglicans.
Now Freemasons learn their lodge ritual by heart. “By heart” is a significant phrase. By repeated listening to the ritual and reciting it, members become skilful at presenting it from memory. And this aggravates the danger. Much of what you learn you internalise. But it is not truth, it is falsehood. It is certainly not God’s truth. Can I ask you, who wants us to be skilful in presenting falsehood? This same sort of rote learning and reiteration are used by evil regimes seeking to perpetuate themselves. So we put the same mechanism and manipulation to work.
Lodge ritual is agreed among Freemasons to be secret. The fact is, of course, that the ritual is largely available through books in most public libraries. However, as you proceed from one degree to another there are always new “secrets” to be learned, and most of us only get into the Blue Lodge and don’t see beyond that. However, the problem is that the meaning of this ritual is obscure and questionable. In my judgement, there is sufficient evidence of hidden evil in the lodge ritual to repel any Christian.
It came to a point where I could no longer accept this accumulation of evil. It stood against everything I believed about the Lord and everything I had come to understand about the way He works. So I got out. It took me a long time before I got rid of my lodge regalia and books. I put them out in the garage, and then finally I had them burnt by a friend. It was reported to us by this friend, a priest, that when he had burnt it, there was nothing left. The metal buckles, the hinges, there was nothing – it had gone completely. That day my wife and I found a new freedom, and I rejoice for it.”

(The above two testimonies were both delivered in public meetings. Minor grammatical and other editing has been necessary to convert what they said to writing. The spirit of their messages remains unchanged.)