Anthroposophical Society

TESTIMONY OF “HELEN” former Anthroposophical Society teacher

“I had a Christian upbringing from the age of eight. I was a churchgoer and I was baptised by immersion, confirmed and really thought I was a Christian. They said the Steiner schools were Christ-centred, so that seemed to be fine for me, so when we joined the association we really looked forward to have the meetings in people’s private homes. I really thought I was having a deeper Christian life – I was certain it was Christian.

When we met together it was always just to read and discuss the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. He wrote on such things as the philosophy of spiritual activity, occult science, and also on the Scriptures (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Genesis and Revelation). We never used the Bible nor were we encouraged to read it for ourselves. It was always Steiner’s interpretation or opinion of the Word of God. We were in it for twenty years.

I became a teacher in the Steiner school and my husband became one of the leaders of one of the biodynamic agricultural associations. Not long after I started teaching we began to have problems in our marriage. I came to realise there were no answers in Anthroposophy for this, because Rudolf Steiner taught fatalistic philosophies such as reincarnation and karma. When we had been married twenty eight years my husband and I were on the verge of separation and it became unbearable. I felt I would rather die than go on living any longer.

I was very close to a nervous breakdown, and in desperation I just cried out “God, help us.” He responded in a most unusual way. To cut a long story short the very next day it was through a message of salvation from some Bible-believing Christians. We hadn’t been to church for years, we had replaced our church with the Anthroposophical meetings, because they seemed more interesting. Being sure after talking with these people that we were among the sinners that Christ had come to earth to seek and save through His sacrificial death on the Cross, we repented of our sins, asked Jesus for forgiveness and then invited Him to come into our lives and make us the people He created us to be.

The Lord’s response was awesome, and the very next day He baptised us in the Holy Spirit, assured us of His forgiveness, showered His love upon us and the peace and the joy we experienced were absolutely incredible. Not only was our marriage healed, but it was absolutely transformed. We knew for sure then that Jesus really is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and that no one can reach God without Him.

Our new life began, and from then on we were just so in love with the Lord that we thought we had both Anthroposophy and Christianity. When we went to the church we were told we couldn’t have both. We thought they might be a little ignorant so we said “If you knew what Anthroposophy was about you wouldn’t want us to renounce it.” So they suggested we pray a prayer and ask God to remove from us every influence of Rudolf Steiner which was not of God, and we said, “Oh, yes,” we were sure they would get a surprise and God would leave it all with us. We prayed as suggested and the very next day when I picked up one of my treasured Steiner books to read I thought, “Goodness, it is only a two-dimensional book. It has nothing, just nothing.” By contrast, the word of God was so powerful and real, and prayers were answered so from then onwards, it was simply joy in our lives.

After ten years my husband was dying and he could hardly wait to get to where he knew he was going. His last words were “I love you Helen,” then he looked up and said “I love you Jesus,” then he said, “I’ve got to go,” and he went. It was the most glorious funeral, like a wonderful celebration. I’ve been to funerals where people who died don’t know the Lord and it is devastating for them. But for us it was a celebration.”