Warrior Bride

The Warrior Bride

Run in many New Zealand cities, plus North Carolina, Oregon & California (USA) and Ontario Canada. The sub-heading is “Effective and Fruitful Spiritual Warfare for community transformation”.

This has empowered people to see whole neighbourhoods come into the Kingdom of God, and for social change we must all desire to see.

Part One – There’s a War On!
Why Spiritual Warfare?
The Basic Requirement: Joining God’s Army
The Spiritual Realm
The Good Guys
The Bad Guys
Fallen Angels & Demons – Enemy Soldiers

Part Two – God’s Protection Plan 
Occult Check List
Wear The Armour

Part Three – Defending the Local Church Congregation 
Incoming Fire for Churches
Coven Programmes to Wreck Churches & our response

Part Four – Attacking the Darkness 
Turning Churches into Armies
Spiritual Military Structure
Prayer Walking: Hidden Tool of Evangelism
Closing Gates of Hell
Spiritual Mapping: Winning Territory to Jesus
What can I Do?
Taxes & Authority
Redeem Your Land: & Live in God’s Abundance
Strong Men in the Spiritual Hierarchy

Appendix 1 – Overcoming Religious Spirits
Appendix 2 – Financial Vision, Dealing with Mammon
Appendix 3 – The Hierarchy Structure of Cosmic Beings
Appendix 4 – Principalities, Powers & Demons
Appendix 5 – Evidence of Demonising
Appendix 6 – God Promises Victory