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Break Through: Freedom from Depression & Mental Illness, book #BBTH

Break Through: Freedom from Depression & Mental Illness, book #BBTH

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Break Through: A story of freedom from the pain of depression & mental illness, by John & Rita Helvadjian.

Depression and mental illness can affect anyone at any time, placing a huge strain on relationships, especially with those whom you are closest to. John & Rita know this only too well. Their story is one of two people from different cultures, falling in love and marrying only to find that undercurrents from their past would eventually rise to the surface, causing John's mental breakdown. As you read about the struggles they faced, you will find hope as they turn to the One who promises true freedom.

Forewords by: Matti Koopman, senior pastor, New Life Church, BC, Canada;

Marion Daniel, founder, Sozo Ministries International, United Kingdom; &

Selwyn Stevens, Founder/President, Jubilee Resources International, New Zealand

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