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Celebrating the Feast of Pentecost: God’s Provision, Revelation and Power. downloadable MP3 audio

Celebrating the Feast of Pentecost: God’s Provision, Revelation and Power. downloadable MP3 audio

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Celebrating The Feast of Pentecost:God’s Provision, Revelation and Power. 

by Selwyn R. Stevens, Ph.D.; D.Min.; 

Pentecost is the “appointed time” to thank God for His provision in the last season and a time to secure God’s provision for a new season ahead. It’s important to understand that Pentecost didn’t start in Acts 2! The disciples had all grown up celebrating Pentecost! It is described in Lev. 23:15-16, Num. 28:26-31, & Deut. 16:9-12

Pentecost was given as a time to cease from labour and thank God for His provision. When the time of harvest drew near, it meant an old season ended, and a new season began!

The old harvest could sustain them no longer!  So it was time to come before God in faith to secure His provision for the new season to come! Pentecost celebrates the Release of God’s Provision! It is celebrated by PRAISE & by GIVING! It’s especially a time for firstfruits offerings, a thanksgiving offering for provision! A Praise Offering by FAITH, offered before the full harvest was gathered! It was an act of faith that secured the whole harvest.

Pentecost also celebrates the release of God’s revelation! On the traditional celebration of Pentecost… folks stay up all night studying the Bible!  “When the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all together in one place!”They would have brought thank offerings to the temple the night before, then stayed up all night studying the Bible!

In Acts 2 the Church was born! It was the beginning of the new season! It was time to go to all the world with the gospel!

But a new level of provision was needed.  The provision of the last season was not enough.  So at Pentecost, God poured out His Spirit, and released His miraculous gifts! The Apostles understood Pentecost. They celebrated God’s provision! They brought thank offerings and praised! They filled their minds with His Word! For us, Pentecost also celebrates God’s provision of His Holy Spirit. Pentecost should be a time of testimony! It’s a time to PRAISE HIM for His goodness!

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