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Insights into Dissociation. USB drive Video

Insights into Dissociation. USB drive Video

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Speaker: Dr. Selwyn Stevens

A few think this is a rare condition, but studies and anecdotal evidence suggests this condition is much more prevalent.  A minor percentage of Christian counsellors know how to deal with this condition, but awareness of it among pastors is rare. Some know about "deliverance" (as in evicting demons) but few know about how to repair broken souls caused by significant trauma, especially in childhood. This introduction looks at what Dissociation is, how it occurs, and how it can be healed. Primarily it is a God-given gift to protect the soul of a traumatised person from insanity or self-harm. Dissociation is a spiritual condition for which God alone can bring permanent and complete healing. 

Available in DVD PAL format, which can be played through computers or on DVD players with Multi-zone function, & ALSO as MP4.

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