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Dealing with Demons - E-Book

Dealing with Demons - E-Book

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by Dr. Selwyn Stevens

This book provides  outstanding insights regarding evil spiritual influences that exist in the world in which we live today and then goes further to show us what to do about it. This vital book for Christians encourages many in the faith, who have not realized their position of authority in the Kingdom of God, that they have the authority to deal with demons victoriously. Satan and all his fallen angels and demons under his control must submit to every Disciple of Jesus Christ who has the indwelling Holy Spirit and who both knows and uses the delegated authority given by Jesus. We have the power, the name and the blood of Jesus as our authority and it is time Christians used it more effectively to set people free and fulfill the Great Commission. This book provides meaningful insight on how to advance the Kingdom of God for the glory of Jesus Christ, and the freedom of many.

Also available as a printed book and DVD.

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