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Healing Trauma & Shame, & Restoring Honour & Identity, Part 1 of 2 - Downloadable MP4 video

Healing Trauma & Shame, & Restoring Honour & Identity, Part 1 of 2 - Downloadable MP4 video

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Healing Trauma & Shame, & Restoring Honour & Identity part 1 of 2

With Sandra Sellmer-Kersten

 In 2005 Sandra had two very clear and sobering visions of waves of brown water. After the first vision she heard the words “Batten down the hatches” (which means prepare for trouble). Two weeks later Hurricane Katrina hit the south coast of America. Devastation followed, with loss of lives and property of “historic proportions”.


The second vision came two weeks later - this wave was larger and uglier than the first. This time she heard “There is a wave of trauma coming to the world that is bigger than the tsunami, bigger than Katrina, and the Church must be prepared to help!”

Since that time, Sandra has earnestly sought the Lord for insight and understanding in how to minister to people to release them from the unresolved shock, trauma, fear, terror and shame that has settled upon them; and to prepare and equip Christians from every denomination and walk of life to be able ministers of the Gospel.


Sandra Sellmer-Kersten received training in prayer ministry through Elijah House Ministries (USA) and served on staff for nine years under Dr. John and Paula Sandford as prayer minster, teacher and mentor. She has travelled extensively ministering and conducting Elijah House schools, seminars and conferences.

Sandra has travelled to over 14 countries, most recently returning from a teaching tour in Australia, and in January lead a trauma team to the Philippines, where people had been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.  The team ministered to over 2,000 school children, in an orphanage and hospital, and to many individuals and families. Sandra led seminars in Tacloban, Bohol (where they had experienced a major earthquake) and Manila, and spoke with a large group of Evangelical Bishops in Manila who wanted to be further trained to help their pastors.


Part 1:

Session 1: 52 min.

Session 2: 49 min.

Session 3: 52 min.


Part 2:

Session 4: 59 min.

Session 5: 24 min.

Session 6: 70 min.

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