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Holy Spirit Baptism & Filling: MP4 Video on USB

Holy Spirit Baptism & Filling: MP4 Video on USB

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Holy Spirit Baptism & Filling: Receiving & Operating in the Fruit & Gifts of the Holy Spirit

by Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D; D.Min.

Jesus promised to send the Comforter/Teacher so all who obey Him will be equipped to advance the Kingdom of God.  This teaching examines what the Bible states about the Holy Spirit, the fruit and the gifts. 

While this is a controversial subject in some churches, including those that claim a Bible-based faith, this presents a fresh, new approach to what Scripture actually says. Remember, If something is true, it can stand being questioned. But if it is not true, then it needs to be questioned. Our choice, then, is obedience.

Book, DVD, MP4 (on memory stick) & E-book.

(DVD available only in PAL format. They will work on computers and on DVD players equipped with multi-zone capability.)

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