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How to Cleanse the Curses off Your Property - Downloadable MP4 video

How to Cleanse the Curses off Your Property - Downloadable MP4 video

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How to Cleanse the Curses off Your Property

Portals - They exist all around the earth and open a door to the presence of God or to the demonic. Step into the realm of the supernatural: you’ll discover how spiritual ground is taken and how it is released. You’ll learn keys to reclaiming your land, home, possessions and animals from the power of Satan and his demonic forces. You’ll experience the peace that comes from the cleansing of all you possess. And you’ll walk into a portal of God’s presence that will take you deeper into the realm of the Spirit and change your life forever. 


The Speaker - Henry Malone: Dr. Malone  and his wife Tina pastored a Baptist Church from 1961 to 1989, before establishing Vision Life Ministries Intl. They have established & led various missions organizations, especially in Pakistan and India. Henry regularly trained leaders, primarily through third-world leaders’ conferences. His training in all nations emphasises the importance of Christ-like character and a servant’s heart, as well as the skill and anointing necessary to be vessels of honor in God’s Kingdom. He is author of several books, including “Portals to Cleansing”, “Shadow Boxing: Defeating the Darkness Within”, “Shame: Identity Theft”,“Islam Unmasked”, “The Making of a Man: What a Woman wants & What a Man Needs”, & “God’s Miracle Land: Pakistan.”

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