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 Threshold Covenants Series, part 2 of 3 - Downloadable MP4 video

 Threshold Covenants Series, part 2 of 3 - Downloadable MP4 video

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Threshold Covenants Series - part2 of 3

By Anne Hamilton:  Anne’s mum says she was born asking, ‘Why?’ Anne’s mum also instilled in her an early belief that, if she persisted, her questions would be answered.  Anne soon turned from asking her mum, ‘Why?’ to asking God, ‘Why?’

‘Why did that person get healed but not that one?’ ‘Why did the miracle breakthrough occur for him but not for her?’ ‘Why didn’t You protect that family from such a vicious spiritual attack?’ Excuse me, God, why?’

Anne is the world’s foremost expert on name covenants. As she says, that doesn’t really say much, other than that no one else is exploring the territory. She is also very clued up on a related topic - threshold covenants, and how these defile people’s lives so that, instead of the miracle breakthrough, there’s nothing but constriction and wasting.

Anne is dedicated to the Hebrew concept of ‘tikkun olam’, mending the world, through holding onto the prayer tassels of Jesus of Nazareth. For over 30 years, Anne was a teacher of mathematics. Mathematics is all about pattern, so it’s great training in the art of pattern recognition - the basis of the Hebrew understanding of prophecy. She is trained in Elijah House prayer ministry, is a former mathematics teacher, a book and magazine editor, and also is a multi award-winning author of eleven books. She works part-time for UCB Australia as the Australasian sub-editor of the devotionals, The Word for Today and word4U2day

And she still hasn’t given up asking, ‘Why?’



Part 1 - Threshold Covenant Basics - 60 min. 

Part 2 - Threshold Issues - 80 min. 

Part 3 - World-Mending - 54 min.

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