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New Believer Interactive Discipleship Bible Studies - eBook pdf

New Believer Interactive Discipleship Bible Studies - eBook pdf

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New Believer Interactive Discipleship Bible Studies

Author: Nate Krupp

This edition has all three booklets into one eBook for download & printing off as required.

A set of three interactive Bible studies to help new Believers find and grow in the relationship with Christ.

Book 1 - New Life through Christ A question and answer Bible study that investigates the new life that is available through Jesus Christ. It is written for the one who is searching for answers to life's basic questions. It investigates, "Is there a God?", the issue of Sin, "What provision did God make for man's sin?", and "How should Man respond to God's provision, and God's invitation." It is also the first booklet in this series to be completed by a new Christian.

Book 2 - Bible Studies for New Christians A Bible study to help the new Christian get established in their faith. It looks into the subjects of Abiding in Christ, The Bible, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, Christian Warfare, and Witnessing.

Book 3 - Bible Studies in Christian Discipleship A Bible study for the growing Christian. It investigates the subjects of the Family, the Church, your Business Affairs, Growing in Christ, Christian Service, Evangelism, and the Return of Christ.

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