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Set of all four Videos of A Time to Rejoice, with Dr. Miles & Catherine Jones, on USB drive

Set of all four Videos of A Time to Rejoice, with Dr. Miles & Catherine Jones, on USB drive

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Set of all four Videos of A Time to Rejoice! with Dr. Miles & Catherine Jones, on USB drive.

# 1. ’The Stones Shall Cry Out’ (Mt. Sinai)Dr. Miles Jones translated the inscriptions at the base of Mt. Sinai in Midian, Saudi Arabia - where Scripture places Mt. Sinai. He recently visited the site in March 2023. Includes live film of the massive weather events (flooding rain then snow) that occurred when they renewed the covenant on the base of the mountain for the first time since Moses did, 3,500 years ago. 53 mins.

# 2. ’The Hebrew Gospels’ -87 surviving manuscripts of The Hebrew Gospels and Brit Hadashah have been recovered by the Benai Emunah Institute and are being analysed for authenticity and translation by Dr. Jones and his team. 116 mins.

# 3. ‘18 Major Accomplishments of the Messianic Church’ Dr. Jones extensive research on the survival of the Messianic Church and their major accomplishments through the past 2000 years. Fascinating History. 78 mins.

# 4. A Great Secret - Accelerated Learning - Dr. Jones children’s accelerated education, the most advanced rapid math, reading and memory materials available. Based on Daniel 1:17-20 - knowledge, skill, learning and wisdom. One test involved at-risk first graders. 20 children trained by Dr. Jones had to master all their subjects in two languages, calculating powers and roots mentally, while their competition were 20 Ph.D’s/Mensa members were given calculators.To win a point the teams had to be first to answer the problem and they had to be correct.The children won 14 of 20. Built on over 35 years of research and development by respected international accelerated learning specialist, Dr. Miles Jones, founder of the Institute for Accelerated Learning. 82 mins

Purchase all four together & only pay for three.

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