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The Power of Spoken Blessings parts 1 & 2 - Downloadable MP4 video

The Power of Spoken Blessings parts 1 & 2 - Downloadable MP4 video

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 The Power of Spoken Blessings parts 1 & 2 

with Dr Lynn & Linda Reddick

     Learn to remove major & persistent obstacles, familiar detours and annoying delays that block your blessings;

     Discover a roadmap that will unlock your inheritance today;

     Impact the lives of other people, often in a matter of minutes. 

     Begin to see deeper meaning in your life;

           And see seemingly impossible situations turn around!

Restoring Relationships through Forgiveness & Blessings


“Our highly developed central nervous system makes us especially vulnerable to hurtful words and actions. Given this propensity for emotional injury – or soul wounds – combined with our innate fallen nature, it’s not surprising that we tend to nurse a hurt by mental brooding, to rehearse the hurt with other people, or curse the hurt through blame, rather than reverse the hurt by forgiving.

An emotional quagmire soon develops: An insult leads to injury, which naturally stirs anger (conscious or unconscious), resulting in a refusal to forgive, which breeds resentment or hate, which produces a curse (physical, emotional & spiritual harm) to the person’s life.” (Taken from “The Two-Minute Miracle” by Dr. M. Lynn Reddick, page 18).

The Reddick’s have been presenting Blessing seminars around the globe.

Results have seen friendships restored, saved the marriage of a wife ready to call it quits, & changed the life of a teenager who was thinking about jumping off a bridge.

This file:

Session 1- 69 min. 

Session 2 - 50 min.

2nd File:

Session 3 - 89 min.

Session 4 - 66 min.

These sessions were recorded in New Zealand, at the Jubilee Resources Summer Schools.

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