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Understanding the Religion of ISLAM - downloadable MP3 audio

Understanding the Religion of ISLAM - downloadable MP3 audio

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Understanding the Religion of ISLAM

America would learn of Islam’s tenets on September 11, 2001 when some of its followers would take off their mask of peace and reveal their true face. Since that day many have become lost in the propaganda war. They have become confused about Islam. They have searched for answers to many questions.

What are the origins of Islam?Who was Muhammad?Are Allah and God the same?Is Islam a peaceful religion?What is Paradise and who can go there?Is there equality between Muslim men and women?What common ground is there between Christians and Muslims?

This teaching removes the mask of deception and reveals the truth about this ancient religion. You’ll learn about the pagan origins of Islam. You’ll examine the history of its founder. You’ll discover the lies behind its doctrines. You’ll see the futility of its practices. You’ll find the common ground to talk with Muslims. And you’ll realize the power that comes from sharing the love of God with Islam’s captives.

The Speaker - Henry Malone: Dr. Malone and his wife Tina pastored a Baptist Church from 1961 to 1989, before establishing Vision Life Ministries Intl. They have established & led various missions organisations, especially in Pakistan and India. Henry regularly trained leaders, primarily through third-world leaders’ conferences. His training in all nations emphasises the importance of Christ-like character and a servant’s heart, as well as the skill and anointing necessary to be vessels of honor in God’s Kingdom. 

Henry authored several books, including “Portals to Cleansing”, “Shadow Boxing: Defeating the Darkness Within”, “Shame: Identity Theft”,“Islam Unmasked”, “The Making of a Man: What a Woman wants & What a Man Needs”, & “God’s Miracle Land: Pakistan.”

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