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Integrity in Ministry, MP4 Downloadable video

Integrity in Ministry, MP4 Downloadable video

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Integrity in Ministry, by Dr. Bill Sudduth

To maintain an effective witness to our Christian faith, individuals, and especially leaders, should live lives in line with God's Word and the example of Jesus. Too often that hasn't happened when it should, so Dr. Sudduth has brought a timely message to help guide all Christians towards a life that pleases God and shows the love and power of the Gospel.

Dr. Sudduth is the Founder-President of Righteous Acts Ministries, based in Virginia. He is also the President of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, which is a network of pastors, counsellors, and psychiatrists etc. who are seeking effective ways to minister to people with problems that have a spiritual root to them. 

Available in DVD-PAL format as well as MP4 Downloadable or USB Drive Video.

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