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The Messianic Church Arising USB Drive Video set

The Messianic Church Arising USB Drive Video set

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 The Messianic Church Arising (7 Sessions of approx. 40 min. each)

Ideal for home groups.  By Dr. Robert Heidler

We live in one of the most exciting days in human history.  The Spirit of God is restoring the covenant roots of His church!  The Church is rising up in a power and glory we have not witnessed since the first century. You are invited to participate in this restoration.

Session 1: The Church God Planted, A Visit to the Early Church - 41 min.

Session 2: How We Lost Our Jewish Roots, The Emperor’s New Church - 38 min.

Session 3: The REAL St. Patrick, Signs, Wonders & Restoring Power to the Church - 38 min.

Session 4: God’s Plan for the Church, The Fruitful Olive Tree - 39 min.

Session 5: The Starting Point for Restoration - Understanding What We Lost - 37 min.

Session 6: Entering God’s Rest - God’s Weekly Cycle of Blessing - 31 min.

Session 7: The Cycles of God, Being Restored to God’s Cycles of Life - 42 min.

Available in PAL & NTSC format DVD formats, plus MP4 downloadable & USB Drive Video.

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