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Rediscovering a Biblical Faith. book #BRBS

Rediscovering a Biblical Faith. book #BRBS

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Rediscovering a Biblical Faith, by Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D. (with input by Dr Robert Heidler)

Why does so much that is taught in church have nothing to do with the Bible? Yet many of our leaders proclaim we have a Bible-based faith This is dishonest, & displeasing to God. Jesus told us to follow Him, and His example,  so why does church look so different? The Ecclesia did not just “Happen”! It was planned! Jesus declared:  “I WILL build MY ECCLESIA” (Matthew 16:18) God’s plan for the ecclesia was a mystery hidden since the foundation of the world! THE MYSTERY:  God had a plan to make all of humanity Fellow-Heirs in all of the blessings of Israel’s Messiah (Ephesians 3:6).

To help us see the ecclesia as God sees it, God gave us an illustration… a fruitful olive tree!  Paul describes this tree in Romans 11, and focuses on four distinct elements: "If the ROOT is holy, so are the BRANCHES. .. Some branches have been BROKEN OFF and you, though a wild olive shoot have been GRAFTED IN among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root…” Romans 11:16-17 This deals Biblically with the racist heresy known as Replacement Theology. Let us rediscover what religion has smothered over the centuries.  

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