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Sonship Design: Intimacy, Assignment & Transformation, MP4 Download session 2

Sonship Design: Intimacy, Assignment & Transformation, MP4 Download session 2

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Sonship Design: Intimacy, Assignment & Transformation, (set of 3 sessions) by Mike & Joy Connell.

Theme: Sonship Design

Most believers understand that they are children of God, but lack understanding of Sonship design, how God has planned for us to function as His sons and daughters, and the great day of our adoption to prepare for.

In this series based upon John 17:3-6 and will cover:

  1. Intimacy With Heavenly Father

God longs us to have a deep personal intimacy with Him as Jesus the Pattern son had. He desires us to become worshippers who carry His presence wherever we go, hear His voice clearly, and are led by His Spirit. Developing that intimacy requires overcoming inner blocks and wounds in our heart, and it prepares us for great intimacy and joy in His coming Kingdom

  1. Faithfulness in your Assignment

Every son and daughter is called to a unique assignment planned for us by our Father. We must understand our responsibilities as sons and daughters, how to align under His authority and release His presence and power. We must learn faithfulness in preparation for carrying great responsibility and authority in His coming Kingdom

  1. Embracing Personal Transformation

Every son and daughter is called to be a representative of our Heavenly Father wherever we go. This requires a progressive transformation of our character and life to become like Christ. Father has a process for this transformation in each of us which we must welcome and embrace. This process includes inner healing, deliverance, developing of the inner man, and responding to His correction.

Mike and Joy Connell were the founding Pastors of Bay City Church, Hastings New Zealand. Formerly both science graduates and school teachers, they pioneered a Christian school in Dannevirke, NZ in 1978, pastored their local church there for 7 years before moving to Hastings, in 1985. Mike & Joy have seven children and are also very proud grandparents of twenty-four grandchildren.

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